What is a 401(k)?

Welcome back to our What Is? series of posts. Today, we'll tackle an exciting topic with a snooze-fest name -- the 401(k). The term 401(k) may look like something out of Algebra class, but it's actually one the most important perks any job can offer. More important than free food and a foos-ball table? Oh … Continue reading What is a 401(k)?

6 Useful Freebies to Save You Cash

Every day, I see about a thousand ads for various subscription services, apps, or other products that sometone thinks I absolutely MUST have in order to be happy. Some of them are very tempting, with their cute packaging and promises of never having to go to the store again, but I haven't given in to … Continue reading 6 Useful Freebies to Save You Cash

Equi-what? Why the Equifax Breach is a Big Deal for Everyone

You may have heard of the big Equifax breach from your parents, friends, or co-workers. So what is this mysterious company and why is its data breach a big deal? Equifax Remember when we talked about credit scores? Equifax is one of the three companies that tracks your credit history. The others are TransUnion and … Continue reading Equi-what? Why the Equifax Breach is a Big Deal for Everyone

Road Tripping on A Budget

Did you see the recent eclipse in North America? One of my friends was determined to see totality, but we don't live in the right place.We COULD have flown, but because Nashville was one of the the most popular eclipse destinations, flights were more expensive than usual. Our solution? Why road trip? When you're young … Continue reading Road Tripping on A Budget

Do I really have to invest?

First off, if you don’t know what I mean when I say “investing”, check out What is investing? and then come back. All good? Okay. Instead of jumping into why you should invest, maybe we should address some reasons people have for not investing. 1. It seems hard Many things seem hard or confusing before … Continue reading Do I really have to invest?

Finding a Reason to Save

Saving money is easy. Don’t spend it! Okay, so maybe it isn’t always as easy as it seems. As a teen or freshly-minted adult, it can be frustrating to be caught between having your parents pay for everything and paying your own way. Most jobs that are available to high school and college students don’t … Continue reading Finding a Reason to Save

What is investing?

Investing. It sounds so big and grown up and scary. It’s the shadowy thing rich guys in movies do. Kids who talk about their “stock portfolio” on TV are supposed to be little geniuses. So of course, only the very smart or the very rich invest, right? Nope! Everyone, including you, can invest. What does … Continue reading What is investing?

How to write a check (and other check-related stuff)

When you open a checking account, you’ll usually be given or sent a box with a bunch of checks in it. Even though they are much less popular than cards or cash for everyday spending, checks are still a viable way to pay for stuff, and sometimes they are the best or only way. They … Continue reading How to write a check (and other check-related stuff)

Snow day? Money day!(w/ Printables)

It’s the most wonderful time of the year: Snow Day Season! In the winter, students all over the country wear their pajamas inside out and flush ice cubes down the toilet, hoping they’ll wake up to several inches of snow and no school. And every so often, it works! (Not really, but it’s fun to … Continue reading Snow day? Money day!(w/ Printables)

What is overdrafting?

My senior year of college, five other girls and I drove down to Daytona Beach, Florida for our spring break. We were there too early in the season for all the crazy, party-hard events Daytona is known for, but we had a good time exploring the area and lying on the beach. On our last … Continue reading What is overdrafting?