Resources to help you grow your money and your mind.


Looking to invest? Vanguard has some of the lowest fees out there and makes starting an retirement or brokerage account super easy. Plus, Vanguard is owned by its members, which allows them to charge much less to own their funds, which cover almost any part of the market you want to explore. If you’re looking to open an account with minimal hassle, check them out.

Fidelity and Charles Schwab are also great options and competitive with Vanguard’s fees.

E*Trade: Not the lowest fees to trade, but E*Trade has a lot of educational resources that are straight-forward and easy to understand.

Not sure whether you’re ready to start investing? Check out our Getting Started post!


These blogs offer some perspectives on wealth-building, including methods for earning and saving.

Teens Got Cents: Aimed at teens, but has lots of great info for parents and young adults, too.

Afford Anything: Ever thought about using real estate to build your wealth? Wanna just geek out about money? This is the place.

The Penny Hoarder: This site focuses more on pinching pennies and making quick side-gig money than long-term wealth-building, but for those of you who want to make a quick buck or two, this place is a good starting point.

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