What is an IRA?

When I graduated from college, my dad sat me down and explained that he wanted to help me open up a Roth IRA. A what-now? This did not sound like fun. I figured anything that is named by a bunch of letters is usually complicated and when it comes to money, complicated is scary. As … Continue reading What is an IRA?

What is a 401(k)?

Welcome back to our What Is? series of posts. Today, we'll tackle an exciting topic with a snooze-fest name -- the 401(k). The term 401(k) may look like something out of Algebra class, but it's actually one the most important perks any job can offer. More important than free food and a foos-ball table? Oh … Continue reading What is a 401(k)?

Do I really have to invest?

First off, if you don’t know what I mean when I say “investing”, check out What is investing? and then come back. All good? Okay. Instead of jumping into why you should invest, maybe we should address some reasons people have for not investing. 1. It seems hard Many things seem hard or confusing before … Continue reading Do I really have to invest?

What is investing?

Investing. It sounds so big and grown up and scary. It’s the shadowy thing rich guys in movies do. Kids who talk about their “stock portfolio” on TV are supposed to be little geniuses. So of course, only the very smart or the very rich invest, right? Nope! Everyone, including you, can invest. What does … Continue reading What is investing?