How to build credit as a teen

Credit is an amazing word. It gets used for all sorts of things, like crediting a source in a research paper or giving your brother credit for not stealing all your Cheetos even though they were RIGHT THERE waiting to be stolen. In the money world, credit is a big deal. Without credit cards, online … Continue reading How to build credit as a teen

What is a credit score?

You might have seen the commercials for sites and credit cards that give people access to their credit scores. All the people in those ads seem so surprised and excited to get their credit score, and it always shows a screen with some number in the 700s on it. But, you might be thinking, what … Continue reading What is a credit score?

What is a credit card?

Credit cards are both amazing and terrifying. They allow us to pay for whatever we need instantly and without carrying cash around, and they take up only a tiny space in our wallets. A good credit card can be a powerful tool, but it can also be dangerous. Let’s take a look at what credit … Continue reading What is a credit card?