How to write a check (and other check-related stuff)

When you open a checking account, you’ll usually be given or sent a box with a bunch of checks in it. Even though they are much less popular than cards or cash for everyday spending, checks are still a viable way to pay for stuff, and sometimes they are the best or only way. They … Continue reading How to write a check (and other check-related stuff)

Snow day? Money day!(w/ Printables)

It’s the most wonderful time of the year: Snow Day Season! In the winter, students all over the country wear their pajamas inside out and flush ice cubes down the toilet, hoping they’ll wake up to several inches of snow and no school. And every so often, it works! (Not really, but it’s fun to … Continue reading Snow day? Money day!(w/ Printables)

What is a checking account?

Checking accounts, along with savings accounts, are probably the most common types of bank accounts people have. At first glance, checking accounts actually resemble savings accounts. They allow you to put money safely in a bank and access it whenever you want. The money in checking accounts is also insured up to $100,000, just like … Continue reading What is a checking account?