What is an IRA?

When I graduated from college, my dad sat me down and explained that he wanted to help me open up a Roth IRA. A what-now? This did not sound like fun. I figured anything that is named by a bunch of letters is usually complicated and when it comes to money, complicated is scary. As … Continue reading What is an IRA?

How to start getting your finances together

Probably the most daunting hurdle in your quest to get smart about your money and build wealth is the very first step: getting started. Dealing with money can seem scary and feels like a huge chore, so it gets treated like the laundry you don't really want to do -- left in a dark corner … Continue reading How to start getting your finances together

What is an emergency fund?

This one's pretty easy. An emergency fund or "rainy day fund" is any money that you have set aside to use ONLY IN CASE OF EMERGENCY. The purpose of an emergency fund is to be a safety net in case you have an unexpected bill that would wipe out your checking account. Experts recommend keeping … Continue reading What is an emergency fund?

What is a 401(k)?

Welcome back to our What Is? series of posts. Today, we'll tackle an exciting topic with a snooze-fest name -- the 401(k). The term 401(k) may look like something out of Algebra class, but it's actually one the most important perks any job can offer. More important than free food and a foos-ball table? Oh … Continue reading What is a 401(k)?

How to write a check (and other check-related stuff)

When you open a checking account, you’ll usually be given or sent a box with a bunch of checks in it. Even though they are much less popular than cards or cash for everyday spending, checks are still a viable way to pay for stuff, and sometimes they are the best or only way. They … Continue reading How to write a check (and other check-related stuff)

Snow day? Money day!(w/ Printables)

It’s the most wonderful time of the year: Snow Day Season! In the winter, students all over the country wear their pajamas inside out and flush ice cubes down the toilet, hoping they’ll wake up to several inches of snow and no school. And every so often, it works! (Not really, but it’s fun to … Continue reading Snow day? Money day!(w/ Printables)

What is overdrafting?

My senior year of college, five other girls and I drove down to Daytona Beach, Florida for our spring break. We were there too early in the season for all the crazy, party-hard events Daytona is known for, but we had a good time exploring the area and lying on the beach. On our last … Continue reading What is overdrafting?

How to pick the right savings account

Just a head's up, this post is not short. It has a lot of important info though, so if you make it to the end, I promise to have a shot of cuteness waiting for you. 😉 So you're looking to open a savings account. Yay! Whether you've checked out my post explaining what a … Continue reading How to pick the right savings account

What is a checking account?

Checking accounts, along with savings accounts, are probably the most common types of bank accounts people have. At first glance, checking accounts actually resemble savings accounts. They allow you to put money safely in a bank and access it whenever you want. The money in checking accounts is also insured up to $100,000, just like … Continue reading What is a checking account?

What is a savings account?

Ah, the good old savings account. This is often the only account most of us have or have even heard of before high school. A savings account is an account you can open with a bank. You put money into it, and it sits there, safely, waiting for you to need it. But what’s the … Continue reading What is a savings account?