Hi there, I’m Elizabeth! I’ve been an educator for eight years and a money nerd for three. I watch my students work so hard to get good grades and test scores to get into college, which is one of the biggest financial commitments in their lives, but so few of them know anything about money. I decided to help solve this problem by creating this site, which is dedicated to educating young people about money, including its dangers and joys.

I am not a money expert. There are no fancy letters after my name, and I’ve never managed anyone’s money but my own. All of the opinions and/or advice on this site are mine unless otherwise stated. However, if I don’t know something, I will always do my best to research and ask around to find out. The rest is up to you.

Who is this blog for?

There are tons of money blogs out there, but most of them are focused on people who are already out in the world, making that moolah, sporting fancy degrees. This blog is for the kids, the teens, the young people with all that ahead of them who want to start learning about money NOW. You really can’t start too early, folks.

Here, we will go back to the very beginning and talk about some of the basic money topics that we’re all just expected to know, but no one teaches us. If you’re a tween, teen, or young adult, this is the place to find the answers to your simplest, or most embarrassing, money questions.

More school districts than ever before are requiring students to take Personal Finance courses, but only for a year or a semester. I believe that learning about money is a journey that takes many years, and honestly probably never ends. I’m still on my journey, but others haven’t even taken the first step. This blog is for them.




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