Hi there, I’m Elizabeth! I’ve been an educator since 2009 and a money nerd since 2010. I watch my students work so hard to get good grades and test scores to get into college, which is one of the biggest financial commitments in their lives, but so few of them know anything about money. And it’s not just the kids!

I decided to help close the financial literacy gap by creating this site, which is dedicated to educating young people about money, including its dangers and joys.

I am not a professional financial advisor. There are no fancy letters after my name, and I’ve never managed anyone’s money but my own. All of the opinions and/or advice on this site are mine unless otherwise stated. However, if I don’t know something, I will always do my best to research and ask around to find out. The rest is up to you.

Who is this blog for?

There are tons of money blogs out there, but a lot of them get really in the weeds about the nitty gritty details of finance. If you’re just starting on your financial journey, nitty gritty details are not what you need.

This blog is for the newbies — the kids, the teens, the young, even the not-so-young — for whom money and world of finance is new, scary, or boring.

My mission is to turn you newbies into money nerds. I want you to get so excited about your financial future that you go tell all your friends about how they should be money nerds, too! Ever gotten so into a TV show that you just HAD to get all your friends to watch it? Yeah, that feeling. I want that for you.

How to use Learn, $ave, Grow

In the Learn section of this blog, we will go back to the very beginning and talk about some of the basic money topics that we’re all just expected to know, but no one teaches us. If you’re a tween, teen, or young adult, this is the place to find the answers to your simplest, or most embarrassing, money questions.

$ave is the section of the blog for you if you’ve started to get your feet under you a bit. Already know the difference between savings and checking accounts, or between debit and credit cards? Head to the $ave section, and we’ll talk about how to build yourself a financial safety net and getting on top of your finances.

Once you’ve mastered your personal accounts, check out the Grow section of the blog. There, we’ll start getting into what you can do with your money besides hoard it in the bank. Wanna be rich? You need your money to Grow!

I believe that learning about money is a journey that takes many years, and honestly probably never ends. I’m still on my journey, but others are afraid to take the first step. This blog is for them.

The $ave section of the blog is for those of you who already have the super basics down. If you’ve already started laying the foundation for your finances and are ready to move forward to building a cash safety net (sheesh, mixing metaphors much?!), this is the place for you.

Any post that talks about saving your hard earned cash can be found here, along with resources to make it easier to save. From finding a savings account that doesn’t suck to automating your saving, you can find the tools to help you do it here.

Note: No company linked from this page sponsors this blog. These are simply resources I have found interesting and/or useful. Use them at your own discretion and risk.


MagnifyMoney.com : This site helps you find accounts that have high interest rates and low or no fees. Plus, it rates the accounts on how easy it is to understand their fine print.

NerdWallet.com: Nerd Wallet has tons of great information, and every year the site curates a list of some of the best savings accounts available.

The Grow section of our site is where you’ll find inspiring or interesting stories about money, resources for growing your nest egg, and discussions about topics of the day.

Resources to help you grow your money and your mind.


Looking to invest? Vanguard has some of the lowest fees out there and makes starting an retirement or brokerage account super easy. Plus, Vanguard is owned by its members, which allows them to charge much less to own their funds, which cover almost any part of the market you want to explore. If you’re looking to open an account with minimal hassle, check them out.

Fidelity and Charles Schwab are also great options and competitive with Vanguard’s fees.

E*Trade: Not the lowest fees to trade, but E*Trade has a lot of educational resources that are straight-forward and easy to understand.

Not sure whether you’re ready to start investing? Check out our Getting Started post!


These blogs offer some perspectives on wealth-building, including methods for earning and saving.

Teens Got Cents: Aimed at teens, but has lots of great info for parents and young adults, too.

Afford Anything: Ever thought about using real estate to build your wealth? Wanna just geek out about money? This is the place.

The Penny Hoarder: This site focuses more on pinching pennies and making quick side-gig money than long-term wealth-building, but for those of you who want to make a quick buck or two, this place is a good starting point.

To dive into more awesome blogs and content, check out the Rockstar Finance Directory and find your tribe.




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