Why does L$G exist?

Learn, Save, Grow is the result of almost eight years of talking to American high school students and realizing that most of them have very little understanding of how money works.

Those of us who emerged from college into the Great Recession learned the hard way that money is not a guarantee, and what you do with the money you have is crucial to your success further down the line. Teens and young adults may not usually have buckets of money lying around, but they have the most valuable asset in the world: time. With time, even a small amount of money could make a big difference down the line.

In fact, starting to put away money earlier means you can actually put away less and end up with more money than someone who starts to save ten years later, but saves more. Crazy, right?


Maybe not bags of coins, though…

In today’s digital world, there is so much information available about money, it’s easy to suffer from info overload and decide it’s not worth trying to understand it all. Learn, Save, Grow is designed to be a hub where the most important ideas are simplified and explained so you can feel more in control. Want just the basics? We’ve got them. Feel like digging a little deeper? We’ll do that for you. We’ll also get into apps and sites that might help navigate the world of money, but we’ll never endorse something we haven’t tried and loved ourselves.

If L$G can help even one person  find the motivation and confidence to save for the future, it’ll be a win. Let’s get started!

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